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Dry Eye Solutions

Capitol Hill Vision has many advanced treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome and MGD!

Dry Eye Syndrome and an oft-associated medical condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) can seriously impact one's quality of life. 

Besides the eyes feeling dry, Dry Eye Syndrome can lead to other vision problems if left untreated, like debilitating glare and constant redness. It can even impact cataract surgery success rates.

Dry eyes are NOT a simple thing. It can arise from having poor tear volume, but can also come from poor tear QUALITY. Different medical conditions can also aggravate it, making the cause hard to pinpoint.

Some types of dry eye can be treated with artificial tears, medications, diet, or punctal occlusion. Other types, such as MGD, cannot. Capitol Hill Vision has several advanced treatments for the different types of dry eye and MGD that most clinics do not.

These treatments include Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (which we were one of the first Washington clinics to offer!), and iLux, another outpatient treatment for MGD.

If you have dry eyes, schedule a dry eye evaluation to see which treatment is best for you!

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